Seasonal Guidelines



  1. Seasonal rates are for weekends, vacations and holidays, not for living here full time. Monthly rates are available if needed.
  2. Visitors are to stop at the office get a car pass and pay a visitors fee if required. The daily fee is $4.00 and $6.00 if staying overnight.
  3. Seasonal sites are for you and your immediate family (unmarried children living with you). If someone else is to use your camper when you are not here the regular nightly rate will be charged. They must register and pay upon arrival. The office must be notified in advance.
  4. If you sell your camper the site does not go with it without prior approval we have people on waiting list wanting to get in we need to know who is here.
  5. You are responsible for you own electric. Meters will be read on the first of the month and payment is due by the 15th. Electric will be turned off if payments are not received.
  6. Do not run your gray water on the ground. IT IS AGAINST PA. STATE LAW. Please take it to the dump station or we will pump out your tanks. The fee for pump-outs is $9.00 and an additional $1.00 per tank if you have more than one gray and one black. Please check your tanks at end of weekend so Jim can pump out during the week. He is not able to pump out tanks on the weekend due to our activity schedule.
  7. We require the use of PVC pipe instead of vinyl hose to connect to sewer lines. Hookups should be made for easy removal in case of stoppage.
  8. You may furnish your own firewood. It must be neatly stacked on pallets or masonry. /we will dispose of your ashes if they are in a suitable container. Please schedule firewood deliveries for during the week if possible but never on a holiday weekend.
  9. Pets must be on a leash and kept quiet. Please do not leave them unattended. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  10. Any new decks must be made of pressure treated lumber only and in removable sections no larger than 4’ by 8’ sections frames should be made with 2×4’s to keep the weight down.
  11. Sheds are to be no larger than 2’ deep by 5’ wide by 5’ tall. They must be removable and placed on bricks or pressure treated 4×4’s. No eyesores will be permitted.
  12. Camping units must be kept neat and clean looking. Hitches and gas bottles must be painted, no missing compartment doors, etc. The appearance of our campground is very important to all of us.
  13. No outside refrigerators or appliances without permission from office.
  14. No more than two vehicles on site. All others must park up by the office. No exceptions.
  15. Please turn water tap off at your post when leaving your site..
  16. DO NOT DIG or drive anything into the ground without permission, we have underground electric and water lines.
  17. Outdoor lights must be hung with rope and enclosed in rubber hose. ABSOLUTELY no nails or brackets permitted in trees. Lights are to be removed each season.
  18. Sites must be neat and trimmed. For a season fee we will mow your site. If you site is not mowed on a regular basis we will automatically mow it and you will be charged $10.00 each time we mow it.
  19. We ask that bicycles, grills, lawn chairs etc. be placed on porches when camper is not in use. This is a must if we mow your site. Also please hammer tie down stakes below ground level.
  20. You and your guests must abide by all posted campground rules.
  21. Alcoholic beverages permitted in sites only.
  22. There is a dumpster located at park entrance please place all your bagged trash in it. Dumpster is for campground trash only No Grills, Bulk Items, Ect.